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What about our solution

The founders of are more than 20 years involved in taxi and IT. The goal is to translate this experience in to a revolutionary dispatching solution.

Find below an overview of functionalities that you will find in our solution. As our software is evolve continuously, functionalities with added often. Below is not a complete overview, but will give you an idea how we can help your company work more efficient.


Simple overview of your booked trips. Create new rides easily. Works on every device (Windows, Mac, Android and IOS). Share and monitor trip with driver. Standard with the magic search function.

GPS tracking

Get a clear overview of the location of all your vehicles on a map.

Driver communication

Bi-directional communication. Receive rides and get a clear overview of all necessary information. When using the app, track&trace and push notifications are available

Employee scheduling

Schedule your empoloyees for your administration. Start times and duration, all important infromation will be listed in this module.

Customer portals

Give your business customers the possiblity to book rides via the portal. Direct communication for fare and a clear overview of trip-history. Very low-entry to use, and easily add multiple portals for diffirent customers to your environment.

Cloud environment

Forget your monthly IT-bills and returning investments in hardware. Our solution is cloud based and will decrease your IT-costs significant!


Easily generate invoices from the calendar. Trip details will be included automatically. Group different trips for one customer to avoid unnecessary amount of invoices to get a clear administration.

External connections

Connection to 3rd party software is no problem. Receive of push information, we make it possible.

Calculate costs and duration

One click to calculate trip-costs and estimated trip-duration. You can modify variables to have your own rates.


Keep track of your data. Get overviews to avoid unnecessary costs and make your company more efficient!

Notification tools

Our solution will draw your attention when required. Always get a clear overview of needed actions to take.


When using the driver-app, the driver will have an alarm option available if he needs attention immideatly!


Why choose

Based in The Netherlands, developed in-house, we can offer you a cost-efficient and user friendly system that can give your company the opportunity to reduce the costs of operation.

Our development team is continuous listen to our customers to inventory the need from the marked and implement this is a good way into the software. No unnecessary complexity, our goal is always to remain user friendly and having a good trusted overview of all actions in the software.

And last but definitely not least: we can offer low monthly costs!

Low monthly costs!

User friendly

No complexity

No hidden costs

Multi platform

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